September 2017 Event Resources


Here are some resources from the event on September 15th & October 13th, 2017:



927 N 150 W, Chesterton, IN

September 15th @ 7:00 pm & October 13th @ 7:00 pm

Cowboy Pastor, Alan Stover of New Hope Missionary Church We are COUNTRY “the Cowboy Way” embracin’’ Western heritage. We are people of integrity that love the simple, non-complicated way of worship and sharin’ the Love of Jesus with everyone: cowboys, cowgirls, wanna-be’s, city slickers, rural folk, horse people, farmers, people who love country music and people who love casual clothes (boots & hats optional). ALL Y’ALL ARE WELCOME AT COWBOY CHURCH!

February 2017 Event Resources

Here are some resources from the heroin forum on February 19:

Recovery Connection PC
Great resource for what’s available in Porter County.
Facebook page:
Contact Megan Vietor:

Christian Based Treatment Center
Facebook Page:
Contact Allen Wright:

Christ Follower Local Author and Recovering Addict


From the Porter County Sheriff’s Dept. about the heroin issue in our community.

This is a Ted talk video Megan referred to on February 19th. Well worth the 15 minutes on our thoughts on addiction.

Thank you all for your heart and willingness to follow Christs example in loving others!